Safe Environment

By Peggy Harris

In this hostile world we live in, finding a safe environment is not always easy. Many have to live in such bad environments and the only alternative is not one we want to consider.

So how do we live? I'm learning this now. When we take vows of "for better or worse" little do we know what the worse might come to be.

I'm learning to be thankful for each day and the simple things the day brings - sunlight, a good disposition through frustrating events. It isn’t easy but by taking it one hour - some times - at a time we can get through it.

Finding joy in the heartache - sometimes this is really hard but I'm learning this too. A little joy and spots of happiness go a long long way to brighten the dark dreary days. We can do this for each other, for friends, loved ones with an encouraging word, a sympathetic ear, a pat on the shoulder - to mention a few. Just knowing that others are walking their own path full of brambles and painful stones helps us to know we are not walking all alone.

Trusting Jesus - How can we get through the tough spots without this? When all trust is destroyed by people, events, etc. the building of a trust relationship with Jesus is all the more important. Being vulnerable with Him - this is not easy but He will help us find a way. Leaning on those wonderful everlasting arms bring us security where there is none, hope in hopeless situations, healing in our pain, joy through tears.

These are tough times and we are dealing with life threatening problems - but the battle has already been won! There is victory! We have the possibility of living Heaven Now! We need to be living Heaven Now! This will bring us to a peace that only comes from God, during all the troubles we experience here.