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We also consult with and assist religious and secular organizations in establishing policies and procedures that can help prevent child abuse, protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. It is our vision that individuals accessing the programs and services offered and supported by WHEN will:

  • Discover their value to God;
  • Recover from dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors that predispose them to being abused or abusive;
  • Experience wholeness, healing, and renewal;
  • Grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially;
  • Grow physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially;
  • Become positive role models for future generations;
  • Become advocates in promoting and maintaining healthy family systems and help prevent the intergenerational cycle of abuse.
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The Problem

The escalation of emotional and mental disorders resulting from unresolved issues connected with child abuse, domestic violence, and related abuse are prevalent in Christian families and communities. People with strong religious beliefs stay longer in abusive relationships because it gets mixed up with their faith beliefs.

The Solution

Treatment of families experiencing violence and abuse requires integrating the needs of the whole person. Thus, the importance of developing a shared understanding and cooperation between secular and religious helpers to deal with family violence cannot be emphasized too strongly.

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Free Food Distribution Centers

We are an outlet of 2nd-Harvest serving 6 zip codes in Spokane County. We also participate in the Grocery Rescue Program recieving donations from Yokes in...

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Empowered Video Series

Empowered is a Christ centered educational program that provides experiences of Healing and Empowerment through Christ in the form of Stories, Interviews and Dialog.

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Men of Compassion

Men of Compassion is designe to facilitate a Christian ministry for men in collaboration with WHEN to: 1. Raise the awareness and mobilize every effort and resource to help men become...

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Healing Centers

Frieda's Healing Center is a facility for women with children (boys up to 10 years old). Residents can stay up to six months. School aged children are required to attend school. Residents are required to...

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Abuse Prevention Education

The Abuse Prevention Education program is designed to educate people, families, pastors, teachers, and communities about the dynamics of domestic violence and implement ways in which

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Cleone’s Closet

Cleone's Closet is a good place to buy quality clothing and household items at prices most individuals can afford. You can also feel good about your purchases because everything you buy will help make a difference in the loves of women, children and families dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse issues.

We are looking for a new location. More information will soon be available.

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