Volunteers are at the heart of WHEN. We need individuals who would like to assist us in various ways. Our overall mission and vision is to Help Empower Abused lives. For this to be a reality, we need your support and invite you to consider supporting this ministry.

Volunteer Application /files/volunteer-trianing-information.pdf?8ee63b581e

Areas In Which You Can Help

  1. Host a training session or seminar
  2. Plan fundraising projects in your local church or community to support the ministry of WHEN
  3. Underwrite a specific program/service of WHEN
  4. Help underwrite one of our fundraising activities
  5. Help spread the word about WHEN
  6. Volunteer at Frieda's Healing Center
  7. Volunteer at Cleone's Closet
  8. Give presentations to raise awareness of domestic violence and the programs and services of WHEN
  9. Let us know of any unique gifts or talents you may have that can be contributed to WHEN
  10. Pray for us: Without prayer we would cease to exist. Your prayers and the prayers of countless others have helped to keep us operating in spite of many challenges. We ask that you become a prayer partner with us and continue to pray for the network.
  11. Become a coalition Member: Coalition Members help to raise funds for the programs and services offered by WHEN. Members also participate in activities that will help to expand the ministry of WHEN. Coalition members receive a membership certificate, special discounts for programs sponsored by WHEN, and special recognition at our yearly volunteer/donor recognition banquet.